We always wished to run our vineyard organically for the benefit of the environment and consumers of our wine, and we believe that organically grown grapes are capable of producing better wine. The influence of the terroir (the soil, vineyard location and micro-climate) is better able to be expressed in the wine when the grapes have been grown in a soil which is free of chemical contamination and full of life.

As our vineyard is situated on the highest slopes of the valley and is surrounded by a variety of trees it is ideally located for organic viticulture. We rely on the ecosystem to control any insects which might pose a threat to the grapes.

The vineyard is fully certified as organic which means that we use no herbicides, pesticides, systemic fungicides or chemical fertilisers.
Wild plants and flowers are allowed to grow during winter and early spring, and then controlled by ploughing, mowing between the rows of vines or even eaten by a local flock of sheep.


And Biodynamics…….?
We believe in the fundamental principle of biodynamics which is to treat the soil as a living organism. When the soil is healthy, full of worms and micro-organisms it produces healthy vines which are naturally more resistant to disease and pests.

This we achieve by adding to the soil well-composted cow manure in autumn and by applying natural plant teas and preparations to the soil and vines.

A number of essential stages of work are planned in accordance with the lunar calendar, for example the planting of new vines, harvesting dates and bottling.

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